Art is everywhere… Steamy Windows in Donegal

Source:   by Irish Abroad

Steamy Windows in Donegal
Donegal artist Jim Osborne, originaly a window cleaner by trade, took a new direction in his art recently and started drawing on the condensation on his kitchen window with his finger and created stunning images which he took photos of. The results are amazing.

On his website he says “The Steamy Windows Collection is a new departure for me. Working very quickly with my finger on the steamy glass, I create the mind’s cues for perception of a figure, or figures.
The background is provided by the real world behind the window caught with careful camera positioning, and captured before it is lost, seconds later. Nothing but vapour and light.
Since putting a few of these ‘out there’, I have received a lot of highly encouraging feedback from photographers and artists who really zone in to their alternating levels of reality and ephemera.

Osborne is a self taught artist, who was later tutored in watercolour. He decided to take his own direction and style and he recently departed into this new medium he calls ‘H2O’.
Osborne is currently selling these images on Saatchi Online here
You can also visit his website at

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