Basha Maryanska

Art has it’s own life and showing Art makes sense of it.

My Art is all about beauty of Nature and Natural Environment.
Through Nature I see the soul of the Higher Power.Basha Maryanska - My Favorite Place
I transform the space, light and shadows, shapes and movements into my compositions that look like mysterious landscapes using luscious, rich layers of paint, deep glazers to create three- dimensionality and dramatic light.  It is all derived from memory, imagination, feelings and emotions, sketches, occasionally life and various travels. To me the vibration of the color and texture have a significant role in painting.  I actually use landscape motifs to paint my feelings and emotions. I portrait light and air with it’s magic transparency. Traveling throughout the country and visiting distant places in the US and the world is my passion and it gives me inspirations.

The deformations come from my subconscious mind.

Basha Maryanska is an internationally recognized artist and has been exhibiting her art around the world since obtaining her MFA at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland in 1979. She has received awards for her numerous group and solo shows in media ranging from painting, sculpture, installation, fiber art, and performance to photography and graphics.Basha Maryanska- Hudson by Night

Fellowship: 1986- Kosciuszko Foundation – NYC,

Education: 1979-1980 – Ecole de Louvre, Paris, France: International Program for Visitors. Subject: Medieval and Early Renaissance Art.

1976-1979MFA in Painting and Sculpture. Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland – Painting, Sculpture, History of Art & Culture, Design.

1972 – 1976BA. Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, in Painting, Sculpture, Design, History of European Art and Culture.

Museum and Private Collections:

The artworks of Basha Maryanska are found at the Permanent Collection of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, the National Museum of Gdansk, Museum of Casimir Pulaski near Warsaw, Basha Maryanska - Looking Up Poland, and in many private collections in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk in Poland, in Paris, Grenoble, Aix-en Provence, Limoges, Montpelier and Metz – in France, in Munich, Berlin  in Germany, Amsterdam, Hilversum in Holland, London in UK, Stockholm and Umea – Sweden, Vilnus – Lithuania, Prague – Czech Republic, Montreal and Toronto – Canada, Tokyo and Osaka – Japan, Mexico City – Mexico, Washington DC, Chicago IL, Bloomington IN, Boston, MA,  and New York City, Brooklyn and Queens, NY, many places in Upstate, NY, and all over the U.S.



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