Representing talented artists to collectors, designers, and corporations. We strive to choose an eclectic collection of contemporary art that will bring life and inspiration to any environment. We believe original art can change the very atmosphere of a room. Our artists are passionate about their work and are career professionals dedicated to excellence.


Jennifer Wagner began her lifelong love of art as a young child 220 Gallery - Jennifer Wagner - Enraptured 1exploring in her father’s art studio.  Daughter of an art teacher and counselor, Jennifer was always encouraged to explore her creativity and the emotions that help guide it.  Gallery 220 - Jennifer Wagner - Search Party 2Her Mother says from the time Jennifer could talk she was telling her Father what colors to add to his paintings.  Color has always been a huge driving force in her creative process.

A pencil was her favorite tool growing up. As a teenager she loved drawing portraits of her friends.  She did not begin painting until she was married and living in Japan. There she sold her creations at bazaars on the Air Force base and painted commissioned work. After returning to Arizona, Jennifer ran a successful mural and faux finishing business for seven years. During that time she was able to draw on her love and gift for interior decorating.  It was also then that she developed many of the textural techniques that she still uses today.   Jennifer’s creative journey has come full circle and today she is implementing all she has learned through the years into her paintings.  Her current work is a layered process using drawing, collage, texture, transparent paints and oils.


Amy Floyd received her BFA in painting at ASU. Growing up in Arizona has taught her to love the outdoors where she canGallery 220 - Amy Flody - lobster experience the natural beauty and colors around her. She is happiest when she can create something beautiful and meaningful. Her goal is to continue to follow her passion for art as a full time painter. The main focus in her art is Gallery 220 - Amy Flody - Backyard Partystorytelling because this type of art takes the viewer somewhere that can be mysterious as well as intriguing.  If she can tell a story to the viewer, she feels she has succeeded.

Amy’s paintings begin as pure abstraction. She enjoys watching a story emerge by taking fragments from the past while also combining symbols and objects along the way. For her, connecting colors with symbols and imagery gives each piece a sense of permanency and a plot on a timeline. The themes she always refers back to reflect on her personal life in Arizona as well as bits and pieces of stories she has lived along the way.


Stan Sisson, born and raised in the northern New Jersey area, relocated to Goodyear, AZ four years ago. Educated as a fine art &Gallery 220 - Stan Sisson - Floral Cassade illustrator at School of Visual Arts in NY, he has owned and operated his own illustration and graphic design business in New Jersey and Arizona for over 25 years.

Stan has been creating mixed media paintings, of acrylic and oil, which portray landscapes that life experience might create. Rich texture and colors enhance many different aspects Gallery 220 - Stan Sissonof the figure  and landscape with emphasis on lighting & color.

Stan also likes to let the viewer discover some of the puzzles of life, with varying valid solutions, the pieces fitting together correctly in personal ways. He is inviting  the audience to bring their own emotional experiences to bear on the works of art. The figurative elements help ground the conceptual ideas, striking a healthy balance between internal abstract concepts and external representational forms.


Prodigy – Noun

1. A person, esp. a young one, endowed with exceptional abilities.Gallery 220 - Dimitra Milan - Winter Escape

2. An impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality.

Is Dimitra Milan a prodigy? You decide…….

Dimitra is 13 years old and already collected and represented by Fine Art Galleries. She comes from a family of established artists and has excelled in traditional art training. Gallery 220 - Dimitra Milan - Sunset PastureShe has exceptional ability to express herself in a full range of abstract design vocabulary and rich color. She has a fresh innocent viewpoint and celebrates life in her work. Her personal love for horses and ancient horsemanship is evident in her art. Dimitra has her own Paso Fino horse, Carmella, who is the love of her life!


Lisa O’Riley was born in Monterey, California. She is classicallyGallery 220 - Lisa O'Riley trained and an avid student of old master’s techniques and traditions. She admires the Gallery 220 - Lisa O'Riley - Gift Shop by the Beachlongevity and permanence of these disciplines. She is also intrigued by street art with its fleeting messages to a non-participatory audience.

She earned a degree in art from Arizona State University and has studied oil painting at both Scottsdale Artists’ School and Colorado Art Academy. In addition to traditional media, her work encompasses elements of interior faux finishing and ornamental line embellishments.


Cecilia Caldron was born and raised in Mexico City, where she received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and started her Gallery 220 - Cecilia Calderonown stained glass and sculpture studio in 1981.

By 1995, she moved with her husband and four children to Austin, Texas, where she continued with her studio doing extensive commission work for architects, designers, and private Gallery 220 - Cecilia Calderonclients. There she learned the art of working with copper and fell in love with it. Cecilia feels that copper, which has been mined and used in the Americas for centuries, is a noble and beautiful material.

By applying certain acids, thus accelerating the oxidation, along with controlling temperature and humidity, Cecilia is able to bring out the wonderful natural colors, called patinas.

Recently, Cecilia moved to Scottsdale, where she has been crafting her copper wall pieces.

She has participated in numerous single and collective art exhibits in Mexico, the USA and Spain


Susan Goh was born and raised in Singapore and currently resides in Arizona with her husband Bill and three wonderful dogs.Gallery 220 - Susan Goh

When asked about her work, Susan says:

“Painting for me is all about being able to express myself on canvas. It allows me to pursue anything I can imagine without limits.” She has always loved the arts and creativity. For most of her life was caught up in the fast paced City-State lifestyle of Gallery 220 - Susan Gohher home of Singapore and then later traveling the world with her husband for his work – Now her paintings reflect a culmination of all these experiences.

Susan’s artwork is truly reflective of her personality. She celebrates life with color and expression. She is inspired by her ideas and transfers them to canvas. With a wink, she’ll tell you that she loves hiding treasures and messages in her work for the beholder to discover. Her love for people and animals is present in many of her works, and all of them have her heart.


Tara Gamel knew she would be an artist from a very young age.Gallery 220 - Tara Gamel  Growing up in Colorado, she first began drawing the wildlife and mountain scenes that surrounded her. Her father who is a wildlife artist, was her inspiration. During her high school years, she was rarely seen without her sketch book. She was active in art clubs, events, and even sold her first painting before she graduated from high school. She quickly grew fond of learning new techniques and Gallery 220 - Tara Gamel - Citystyles of painting that kept her wanting to create more.  She began doing commissioned watercolor portraits and then moved on to doing acrylic and oil pieces for galleries.

Tara was also intrigued by graphic design elements. She tried to find ways to integrate the clean crisp lines of graphic design with the loose free style of painting she enjoyed. Tara was able to bring her art into the print market where she was able to produce a large variety of work with a wide range of color and style. She also continued to sell works in gallery’s throughout the United States and Canada.


Born in the heart of Phoenix Arizona, native resident Deborah Piasecki has been an artist all of her life.  It has been said, that she Gallery 220 - Deborah Piaseckiwas painting from the time she could walk.  Her Grandmother was a professional artist and inspired her in many ways. “I remember as a child being puzzled and awed by my grandmother’s color pallet, purple skies and orange grass. Now I embrace her vision and Gallery 220 - Deborah Piasecki - Communicationboldness in my own work.  I am physically effected by color.  I can feel the color as I look at it.”

Deborah studied Fine Art at ASU, and has enjoyed working and studying with other artists.  She believes  it takes a community of artists to truly bring out the best.  It is also vital to life and the spiritual journey many artists take.  Artists like Ed Mell and Mark Rothko have inspired many of her pieces. Deborah believes, “As I paint I turn off the rules and lessons I have been taught in my head and let everything I have learned over the past 40 plus years just “flow” from my heart. I feel it makes my work more authentic and spiritual. The act of painting is such a joy to me that I believe it comes out in the energy of my finished work. It is my intention to draw the viewer in closer to examine the texture and color combinations, and make them step back to take it all in.  Kind of like a symphony in mixed media.”


Sandy Pieper is passionate about creating art.  She brings the Gallery 220 - Sandy Piepereveryday life around her to the canvas with a multi-step process of hand painted paper collage and mixed media.   Combining mediums is exciting to Sandy because it allows her to test the waters and not do the same thing over and over.  Staying in that Gallery 220 - Sandy Piepercreative mind set is what motivates her to try new things and refine what speaks to her as an artist.

Sandy grew up in the Midwest state of Iowa and was transplanted to Arizona as a teen.  As a floral designer and shop owner for 12 years it allowed her to use her talents in a 3D manner and taught her how to think outside the box.  Solving space and construction elements were very exciting and kept her in the creative process.  After selling her business she went back to college to study sign language interpreting.  Sandy found this too was full of creativity just not with the medium she was accustomed.  Language allows so much flexibility to explore different possibilities and outcomes just as art does.  With her passion for painting and exploring all the different avenues she has zeroed in on mixed media…a pretty broad spectrum which fits her to a tee.


Lynda Cheeley first discovered color while finger painting at the ageGallery 220 - Lynda Cheeley of 5.  Her sense of discovery and experimentation has matured into fine art and is reflected in her mixed media creations.

Her inspiration is found in natural Gallery 220 - Lynda Cheeleysurroundings and reflect bits and pieces of her lifelong experiences.    She invites the viewer to “explore with me the mystery and fascination found in God’s creation and the intricate designs of nature.”  Her work reflects the depth of many layers and the richness of light found in her environment.

Arizona has been home for Lynda and her husband, Ray, for the past 32 years.  They enjoy traveling and find many enriching experiences which offer new ideas and concepts for her paintings.



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