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How Collaboration Begins

Source:  http://www.milanartinstitute.com/blog/how-collaboration-begins


It was late summer, 2004, in Thessaloniki Greece. The Milans had been living and working at their studio in Kalamaria for the last few months. They were living in a 900 sq. foot flat 4 floors up with no elevator with 3 small children. The oldest was 5. Their studio floor was littered with countless attempts of sellable art and a multitude of failures. They had been trying to reach new levels and break into unknown creative territory only to exasperate in utter frustration. One summer afternoon while the artist couple sat talking in their studio sipping their frappe coffees while most of Greece enjoyed their siesta, is when the collaboration miracle happened. It was then that heaven had finally heard the cry of their hearts and answered in perfect ironic poetry.

John and Elli had wanted to work together on the same piece for years and tried collaborating many times. Each time ended in arguments and hideous attempts at art. They had also for many years wanted to be able to paint abstracts. They both tried many times and fell short of capturing this elusive language of color and form. The Milans had committed to a 6 month long adventure in Greece and had found themselves in unforeseen financial difficulty half way through their trip. They had three small children, a miniature refrigerator holding nothing but mustard, and a cupboard empty with only spices. They were in a desperate situation. They had been struggling creatively and it looked like all doors were shut. That summer afternoon their five year old girl, Dimitra, shuffled into their studio, and their whole career would change.

“Mommy can I paint?” she asked. Big brown eyes stared at the paint on her mother’s palette. Elli handed her paint over to her child and told her she could paint on top of any painting she saw on the floor. Dimitra chose a painting of a beach scene that had been deserted in mid process and left for dead in the painting graveyard that became their studio floor. She sat on the floor, her small body curled beneath her as she freely pushed paint around the surface transfixed on her task. The five year applied the paint with complete purpose and focus as if she were seeing through a door into a world beyond. After only 10 minutes Elli stopped her child and told her to stop painting. Both parents gazed at the painting in astonishment and excitement. Their daughter had created an abstract masterpiece!

Elli quickly photographed the painting and emailed it to a dealer in Canada the couple had been wanting to work with. This dealer had told the artists a few months before, that “He knew they were talented, he was just waiting for them to produce any work that was any good”. The message sent to the dealer along with the jpg of the five years old’s work read, “What do you think of the new work?”

The following day, John and Elli received an email from the dealer that he loved the new work and would buy 20 pieces similar right away. There was rejoicing and leaping hearts in the Milan’s flat that morning, until they wondered how they could reproduce the work. Elli thought she would copy Dimitra’s painting exactly until she understood the process and could replicate it. She worked at it all day and was unable to reproduce the painting. John decided to give it a try and reworked Elli’s piece. After some time Elli took it back and reworked it. The coupled passed the painting back and forth several times

until it looked about the same as Dimitra’s. They exhaled deeply and thought, “only 19 more paintings until they could fill their fridge”.

After about 8-10 paintings John and Elli had found a process that worked. They were not only collaborating seamlessly but also creating abstracts. Through their child they had walked through the door into this language of line, color, and form, and were able to paint those far away intangible expressions, those drum beats of heaven.

That afternoon changed the couple’s life and career. Their new work quickly spread throughout the united states and Europe in galleries, and collections. Since then the Milans have been in high demand and have explored many facets of this collaboration.



Art is everywhere… Steamy Windows in Donegal

Source:   by Irish Abroad

Steamy Windows in Donegal
Donegal artist Jim Osborne, originaly a window cleaner by trade, took a new direction in his art recently and started drawing on the condensation on his kitchen window with his finger and created stunning images which he took photos of. The results are amazing.

On his website he says “The Steamy Windows Collection is a new departure for me. Working very quickly with my finger on the steamy glass, I create the mind’s cues for perception of a figure, or figures.
The background is provided by the real world behind the window caught with careful camera positioning, and captured before it is lost, seconds later. Nothing but vapour and light.
Since putting a few of these ‘out there’, I have received a lot of highly encouraging feedback from photographers and artists who really zone in to their alternating levels of reality and ephemera.

Osborne is a self taught artist, who was later tutored in watercolour. He decided to take his own direction and style and he recently departed into this new medium he calls ‘H2O’.
Osborne is currently selling these images on Saatchi Online here
You can also visit his website at www.osborneart.com

Kids Create The Loveliest Things! 8 Child Prodigy Artist

Source: http://www.sheknows.com/

These kids have talent! You’ll be amazed at the works they’ve created at such young ages.

8 Child-prodigy artists who push home decor to extremes

The artwork made by these kids doesn’t just hang on the fridge at home — it’s in galleries around the world. Take a look at what these youngsters create. You might find a piece perfect for your home decor.

1 Autumn de Forest

Autumn de Forest

Photo credit: Autumn de Forest Art Fans Facebook page

Just 11 years old, Autumn de Forest is a professional artist who has been painting most of her life. Her works fetch top-dollar prices, and she has also lectured throughout the country for all sorts of organizations. Discover more about Autumn.

2 Shorya Mahanot

Shorya Mahanot

Photo credit: Shorya Mahanot Facebook page

Shorya is a 6-year-old boy and one of the world’s youngest abstract artists. His favorite painter is Jackson Pollock, and he works with acrylics, too. Shorya has been recognized and featured in international media throughout Asia, England, Europe and the U.S. Learn more about Shorya.

3 Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson

Photo credit: ArtIsEverywhere (painting by Kieron Williamson)

Kieron started drawing at the age of 5 (he’s now 11) while on a family vacation. According to Kieron’s mom, Michelle, “He loves trying different media, watercolor, acrylics and more recently oils. Kieron has always insisted on good quality adult art materials. He’s never been happy with poster paints!” Check out Kieron’s gallery.

4 Sisters Victoria Yin…

Sisters Victoria Yin...

Photo credit: Trymael

5 … and Zoe Yin

... and Zoe Yin

Photo credit: Trymael

These two young sisters are astonishing artists. Born in Boston, Victoria, the older of the two sisters, broke into the international art world at the age of 10. She uses surrealism in her works. Younger sister Zoe began drawing when she was 1 year old. By the time she was 8, art collectors and insiders were comparing her to Matisse and Picasso. Learn more about Victoria Yin and Zoe Yin.

6 Josh Tiessen

Josh Tiessen

Photo credit: Josh Tiessen

Josh was born in Russia to Canadian parents. He became increasingly interested in art by the time he was in elementary school back in Canada. From fine art to photography to graphic design, Josh covers many mediums. He opened his own gallery at the age of 15. Take a closer look at Josh’s gallery.

7 Hamzah Marbella

Hamzah Marbella

Photo credit: Megawide Foundation Facebook page

Hamzah is 12 years old and is from the Philippines. According to a feature in The Manila Times, Hamzah’s father, Renato, said that “when he was 2 years old, from his crib he would always watch me paint.” At the age of 5, Hamzah had a work auctioned at the third highest price for a charity auction of the International Care Ministries in Hong Kong. He has produced about 300 pieces of art.

8 Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik

Photo credit: Akiane Art Facebook page

Akiane was born in 1994 in Illinois. She started drawing at the age of 4, started painting at the age of 6 and began writing poetry at the age of 7. According to her website, she “rises at 4 a.m. five to six days a week to get ready to paint in the studio and write, and works for about four to five hours each day. She often works over 100 to 200 hours on a painting, producing eight to 20 paintings a year.” Discover more about Akiane.